Also my mom finished S1 of orange is the new black in a week…. Like I would come home from work and see her sitting in front of the tv, watching it, smiling….like wtf.


now she’s watching season 2. like my mom is basically an oitnb stan now. what kind of alternate universe…

lmao omg my cousin has been trying to get me to watch this damn show “Hit The Floor” for like a year and today she sends me an e-mail called “Bait” basically saying there’s a gay couple on the show now, will this make you watch? With a fucking ship video attached in the e-mail.

i’m fucking dying!!!! guuurl. no. I only watch random shitty shows for lesbians ok…god…


the distant screams of children are so strange like are they having fun?? are they getting stabbed??? you never know


SINCE U BEEN GONE !!!!!!!!!!!! (since u been gone) I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME IM SO MOVING ON (ya ya) THANKS TO YOU (thanks to you) NOW I GET (now i get) I GET WHAT I WAAAAAAAAAANT


if u can’t handle me randomly blurting out song lyrics that relate to what u just said then we can’t be friends